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Gearbox teases likely Borderlands 3 announcement for March 28

Enlarge / Exit 3, eh? (credit: Gearbox / Twitter)

Here at Ars, we’re usually reluctant to write stories about the mere announcement that yet another announcement of a video game is coming soon. But we’ll make an exception today for apparent news about Borderlands 3, the long-expected continuation of a popular shooter series that has been missing-in-action for years now.

The latest hint that the sequel is actually, finally ready to be shown off is a single tweet from the official Gearbox account. It shows a cel-shaded highway sign in a very Borderlands-style desert with the words “March 28 Boston MA” written on it.

That info corresponds to the time and place of PAX East, where Gearbox just happens to be hosting a “main theater show” at 2pm EDT on March 28. That presentation promises “never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises” according to its public schedule listing, which is pretty suggestive in and of itself.

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