‘Temptation Island’ Finale Part 1: Which Couple Called It Quits?

“For some of you, this could be goodbye forever.” Host Mark J. Wahlberg did not beat around the bush when it came time for the singles to leave Temptation Island on part one of the finale on Tuesday, March 19.

Ahead of the couples’ reuniting, each one of them had to say goodbye to the singles – and some were more emotional than others.

John revealed to Katheryn that he wanted to hear Kady’s side of the story and wasn’t comfortable jumping from one relationship to another. Obviously, Katheryn had a hard time hearing that. On the other side, Kady had a difficult time saying goodbye to Johnny and she told him he had changed her life “for the better.” He knew she had to deal with the situation and that he wouldn’t hold anything against her, no matter what choice she made.

“I pray every day to meet someone like Kady and this was the last possible place I expected to find her. But I opened up my mind and my heart to a wonderful person and a wonderful human being. She’s got a lot of heavy stuff on her plate right now but I think once the dust clears, her and I will be able to reconnect,” he said.

Speaking of a having a hard time, Karl really disappointed Brittney. “I hope you have a great life, whether I see you again or not,” he told her, leaving her shocked and admitting in his interview that he really loved Nicole. Brittney broke down crying and told him he felt very different and more “distant” than ever. “Go back and be in your sh–ty relationship,” she told him. “I didn’t know this was coming based on the way it felt.”

Karl’s girlfriend Nicole, meanwhile, admitted to Tyler she didn’t want the show to end. “I didn’t think meeting one person could change this much inside me, like, give me a whole new perspective,” she admitted.

So, what happened at the bonfires? Scroll through the gallery below.

Missing the Depth

After leaving Brittney shocked and heartbroken, Karl reunited with Nicole at the bonfire and it was clear from the start that they were not on the same page. He spoke first, revealing that he was hurt seeing her connect with others and that afterward, he “went too far” with Brittney and “broke our rules.” He said he hoped they could still work out. When Nicole spoke, she got emotional and revealed that she was confused about why they did the show at all and knew he wanted her to prove her loyalty. However, she was able to reflect and felt their love was “surface level.” He didn’t like that and it ended up in an argument.


They then both had to make a decision: leave together, leave alone or leave with someone else. Karl wanted to leave together and Nicole agreed – at first. However, Mark pointed out that they had no physical contact at all and asked why it was awkward. He felt like their relationship was deep and didn’t understand what she was saying. She then apologized for not being straightforward – and said she wanted to learn and grow on her own. And he understood. So, they left the island separately.

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“You Make Me Not Want Kids”

Next up was John and Kady. It was extremely emotional for them both and throughout most of it, they held hands. She told him that she knew she was always trying to change him but loved him the way he was. “I think that this experience has been a necessary evil,” she told him, noting she didn’t regret it. He told her he was very hurt by seeing her with Johnny but also hearing her questioning the kind of man he is and the father he could be.


“For me, I just can’t see myself having children with you. It’s not that you’re not great with children, it’s just [not] the type of man I want for my household, the type of man I want to lead my children,” she said through tears. “Sometimes I feel like I have to kind of baby you a little, mother you a little. I feel like I have to kind of pull ambition out of you a little. You make me not want to have kids.”

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Forming Friendships

Shari and Javen seemed to be the only couple that will most likely stay together. However, before the bonfire, Shari revealed that she felt she and Justin were more alike than she and Javen. “Justin has a genuine heart, and I didn’t really want to give anyone a chance with connecting and now that I have, I feel like we’ve built a really strong bond,” she said. Meanwhile, Javen was 100 percent ready to see Shari again, and Kayla was happy she could help. “Shari has a good man, she is lucky,” Kayla told him as they agreed they had become great friends.

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A New Beginning

While Evan and Morgan were ready to take the next step and be together in the real world – he asked her to be his girlfriend before ending his relationship with Kaci – Morgan still had doubts. “What if you chicken out?” she asked him about the bonfire, and admitted in her interview that she was terrified Evan would “crumble” when he saw Kaci in person. Kaci was also nervous but ready to face Evan. Val was also super supportive. “I just want to tell you you’re an amazing chick. … Be strong, I’ll be there for you always,” he told Kaci.


On part two of the Temptation Island finale, Kady and John will finish their conversation and decisions will be made between Kaci and Evan and Shari and Javen. The finale airs on USA Tuesday, March 27, at 10 p.m. ET.

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